I Rest So I Can Run

Written January 1, 2018 2017 took more of me than I was expecting. Honestly, the personal price of what I willingly walked into last year was greater than I had anticipated. As I fell into Christmas weekend, I felt like a runner stumbling across the finish line of the year. On the 26th I was […]

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She Said Yes

I saw this painting of Mary and Joseph at a live nativity recently. Mary’s riding that donkey – and I thought… we can’t see that she’s pregnant but we know that she’s carrying Jesus. CARRYING. She carried something – someone, not just for her own sake or her own benefit, but for the sake of […]

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The Power of Hospitality

Hospitality – the friendly and generous reception and treatment of visitors, guests or strangers. Hospitality reaches out to welcome in and give to others. Hospitality has a lot to do with growing our capacity for others, bringing people under the covering and shelter of our lives, giving from any love or goodness that we have to […]

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“PIONEER” It’s a word that keeps popping up for me, with great personal significance over the past few years. By nature, I’ve always been a starter, an explorer. But lately I’ve learned more intimately about and become more acquainted with this identity and taken on this definition: Pioneer – noun – a person who is […]

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Pushing Through Doubt

  We recently came back from California, where we attended the Equip meetings with the team and churches we partner with in the USA. I had some amazing experiences of extreme encouragement – pretty much straight out of heaven – which brought me a new clarity that I hadn’t realized how much I needed. I […]

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Neighbors at Your Table 

A few months in to the church plant in Detroit I wanted to share a few thoughts on intentional hospitality and neighboring. We got a picnic table this week to put in our back yard and we’re planning some meals with neighbors. We want our street to know that we’re a welcome place. We want […]

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Capacity for People

I felt as though I was living in a documentary as I watched the first woman we encountered that night walk down a snowy, Mid-West neighborhood street. A sex-trafficked woman, a slave, a heroin addict. I want to tell you about it, but first, let me tell you how and why I was there. I’ve […]

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