The biggest thing I learned in 2019 is the importance of living “wholehearted”. I’m not only talking about wholehearted as it’s defined – “completely and sincerely devoted, determined, or enthusiastic.” Actually, that part comes naturally for me. But what dawned on me halfway through 2019 and began to shine on my heart is the realization […]

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I Rest So I Can Run

Written January 1, 2018 2017 took more of me than I was expecting. Honestly, the personal price of what I willingly walked into last year was greater than I had anticipated. As I fell into Christmas weekend, I felt like a runner stumbling across the finish line of the year. On the 26th I was […]

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She Said Yes

I saw this painting of Mary and Joseph at a live nativity recently. Mary’s riding that donkey – and I thought… we can’t see that she’s pregnant but we know that she’s carrying Jesus. CARRYING. She carried something – someone, not just for her own sake or her own benefit, but for the sake of […]

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The Power of Hospitality

Hospitality – the friendly and generous reception and treatment of visitors, guests or strangers. Hospitality reaches out to welcome in and give to others. Hospitality has a lot to do with growing our capacity for others, bringing people under the covering and shelter of our lives, giving from any love or goodness that we have to […]

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“PIONEER” It’s a word that keeps popping up for me, with great personal significance over the past few years. By nature, I’ve always been a starter, an explorer. But lately I’ve learned more intimately about and become more acquainted with this identity and taken on this definition: Pioneer – noun – a person who is […]

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Pushing Through Doubt

  We recently came back from California, where we attended the Equip meetings with the team and churches we partner with in the USA. I had some amazing experiences of extreme encouragement – pretty much straight out of heaven – which brought me a new clarity that I hadn’t realized how much I needed. I […]

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